We have been leading children’s groups together for 25 years.


David Beigel
David Beigel Portrait

About David Beigel

David Beigel, LPC, CGP is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been in practice in Falls Church, VA since 1990. Prior to opening his practice in Falls Church, he worked for 10 years as  a staff psychologist in both Youth and Family, and Emergency, Services  for the Fairfax County Mental Health System.  His primary training was in Child Clinical Psychology at the University of Denver and he has extensive post-graduate training in child, family, and group psychotherapy, as well as clinical supervision. He has taught graduate classes in child development, child psychotherapy, play therapy and group therapy and has presented workshops on various issues in child development for numerous schools and other institutions.

David Beigel, LPC has maintained a primary practice doing individual and family therapy with children and adolescents for the past 30 years. He works with children and adolescents dealing with anxiety and depression, emotional and behavioral dysregulation, ADHD and various developmental disorders including sensory integration and language development disorders, Aspergers Syndrome, and various disruptions to life circumstances including divorce, loss, and transition.

He works extensively with parents to support the development of healthy children and families. He has a particular interest in helping individuals and families to develop a narrative understanding about their lives that facilitates change and allows them to move away from patterns and stories that leave them feeling dissatisfied in their relationship to themselves and those around them.

David Beigel, LPC co-founded the Circle in the Square Group Program for children and adolescents  (originally the Boys Group Program) with David Flohr, PhD in 1990 in order to meet the need for relationship-based psychotherapy/counseling groups for children and adolescents in our community.  We have been actively involved in providing this type of developmental support to boys and girls from 5-19 years old since that time.

David Flohr
David Flohr portrait

About David Flohr

David Flohr, Ph. D.,CGP is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in practice in Falls Church, VA. He’s a Certified Group Psychotherapist, has completed advanced Group training at the Washington School of Psychiatry and is an Advanced Clinician in Imago Relationship Therapy. He brings over 30 years of direct clinical experience in group based approaches to personal change and growth.

His current focus is the Self-as-Parent: Pathways Model®, a comprehensive group based approach to the self development of the parent, of which the ParentCircle™ is a central component. He will be presenting on his group work with parents at the 2012 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington, D.C.